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Fascial Stretch Therapy is a traction-based therapy that assists with prevention, performance and recovery in all levels of movement. Focusing on the fascia (connective tissues) helps with the balancing of gait as well as the elimination of chronic pain. Whether the client is a non-athlete or a professional, achieving optimal flexibility will allow for an increase of strength and decrease the possibility of future injuries.



  • Targets fascial components deep inside joint capsules, ligaments, tendons and muscles as well as all other connective tissues.

  • Gets joint capsules open by decompressing the joint.

  • Helps gain optimal mobility of the joint capsule.

  • Releases adhesions in joint capsules and other connective tissues.

  • Eliminates jamming of joint while stretching.

  • Dramatically helps the effectiveness of ROM increases and flexibility gains.



What are the benefits of Fascial Stretch Therapy?
  • Improves posture and promotes the increase of physical and mental relaxation

  • Reduces the risk of injury, especially sprains

  • Reduces or eliminates chronic back pain

  • Promotes development & body awareness

  • Reduces muscular tension and soreness

  • Promotes physical and mental relaxation

  • Increases balance & symmetry of the body

  • Release chemicals, known as endorphins that act as a natural pain suppressant

  • Optimizes the learning, practice and performance of many types of skilled movements


Who can benefit from Fascial Stretch Therapy?
  • Youth and Amature Athletes

  • Weekend Warriors

  • Occupational repetitive motions

  • Individuals with careers that require them to stand or sit a majority of thier day

  • Post Injuries (Sprains & Strains)

  • Surgeries (Knee, Hip, Shoulder, etc)

  • Chronic joint and muscle pain (bursitis, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis)

  • Premier Athletes (Bodybuilders, Marathoners, Tri-Athletes, MMA)

  • Aging adults looking to maintain or increase flexibility

  • Individuals battling mental health issues



Level 3 Fitness Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist

Fascial Stretch Specialist

Basic & Performance RockTape Provider

Stick Mobility Coach


Louisville, Kentucky

Alex Bishop Bishop Stretch Therapy

For over 9 years Alex has put in over 10,000 hours of bodywork with thousands of people. His clients have ranged from age 3 to 88, being non-athletes to collegiate, professional and Olympian levels. Alex suffered injuries during his freshman year playing College baseball stemming from inflexibility. Being taken from a sport that he had known for most of his life was very difficult, especially when his injuries followed him during daily activities.  After researching and learning from the creators and instructors of Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) Ann and Chris Fredricks, Alex learned the importance of flexibility, not only in sports, but also in life after sports. Alex has said many times “I wish I could have found my present day self back when I was in college and struggling with my injury.” His injury did not allow much of a college career, but he did get to see how important it is for young student athletes to stay healthy first hand.

Alex has worked with College teams like UK Football and Centre College Field Hockey because he knows how effective FST can be for young athletes. Finding the source of an issue in the body is how Alex gets results with his clients. Whether it is past or current injuries that limit daily activities, there is always a goal to allow the client to do what they love to do, and sometimes perform it better. Using only a massage table and soft straps to focus on one side of the body at a time, Alex listens to the tissue and safely stretches using traction. Fascial Stretch Therapy has opened Alex’s eyes to how you can, most times, fix individuals naturally. He hopes to continue to learn to help clients as much as they help him. “There’s just something rewarding about helping someone with your hands.”



     After 21 years of service and almost 4000 hours in a vibrating helicopter you can bet my knees, lower back and hip flexor's are shot. Alex, has been able to get me on the right path to better my training. Check him out!!!

Bryan K Cox

-Retired Master Sergeant/ USMC & Endurance Athlete

     I have had a couple injuries that have kept me from lifting over the last couple years. I went to specialists, had steroid injections and went to physical therapy. None of it helped because no one would look at the bigger picture. Since working with Alex over the last couple months I have seen great improvement and I am able to get back to lifting again.

R.E Ogburn

     Top notch person and top notch knowledge! Have worked with Alex several times and have never been disappointed!

Chris Sanders

-Personal Trainer Ex-Athlete

     I've been seeing Alex now for over a year. I started with him in a pain in my foot that stopped me running over 6 miles. After working with Alex he had me fit and strong to get a PR in the NY marathon and his therapy has helped me be able to train for and complete Ironman and ultra marathons. I'm never going back to sports massage.

Hannah Lyons

-Ironman & Ultra Marathoner

     I do NOT make many comments. I do Not Post many things. Some of you may know that I have had numerous back and spinal surgeries and both knees replaced. I do suffer from constant joint and muscle pain. This therapy has been the MOST effective treatment I have ever experienced. It has been both helpful and educational with improving MY quality of Life. If you have aches and pains.. or worse. This is worth pursuing.

Russell Wolff

-Retired Avid Golfer

     The physical rewards from this therapy are limitless

Sharle Chiles



Clients are safely taken through a series of assisted stretching movements as well as educated on how to stretch properly to their body needs. As simple as a calf muscle, to full body work.

1 SESSION - $105 

Functional application of RockTape for a desired area. Certified provider for Basic and Performance RockTape Application.


Screenshot (3).png

Stick Mobility is a training system combining active stretching, strength training, and joint mobilization to improve mobility, stability and strength. Individual sessions to work on specific trouble areas and team/group options are available. 


Available for an agreed time with organization. Groups, corporations or teams looking to promote well being or increase flexibility. Hourly pricing and location agreed upon.









Monday, Wednesday, Friday

7am-4 pm

Tuesday & Thursday

11 am-7pm

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